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September 2, 2004
Hi!, i have several questions in the middle of the browser screen development of my ComicViewer plugin. Maybe some question was wrong due to my ignorance of the code ;p. Maybe this isn't the right place to put this questions. Sorry for the inconveniences.

1) How is the method or who i need to contact to develop the correct graphics for the mce skin?. And for the others?. If you see the picture attached i have the text "Info". I need the same image but with the text "Comics". And the focus / nofocus bars need to be redraw at the size of 425x75.

1b) And the language entries?

2) Can i suggest some kind of thumb align? (vertical and horizontal)
Is for align [left-middle] the no thumb image items like folders and other things.

3) I have extended the types of Views, and in adition to List,Icons & Large Icons i have made the Catalog View (see screenshot attached)

4) How i can capture the event of select another item in the thumbpanel, to change the zoomed image of the comic? Now i use a nasty dirty trick :) and i'm unhappy about that.

5) In the image catalog thumbs was blurred, but my generated thumb file is well defined (see the other image). What i'm doing wrong?

*** This is the code i used to change the normal loading of the item thumb:

string strSelectedItem=m_history.Get(m_strDirectory);
ArrayList itemlist = m_directory.GetDirectory(m_strDirectory);
foreach (GUIListItem item in itemlist)

GUIListItem item2 = item;
if (item.HasThumbnail)
string newThumb = System.IO.Path.GetDirectoryName(item.ThumbnailImage)+@"\"+
if (File.Exists(newThumb))
item2 = new GUIListItem(item);
item2.ThumbnailImage = newThumb;

*** This is the xml of mce skin:

<description>Thumbnail Panel 2</description>







thx for advance.

and sorry sorry sorry for my English.

The screenshot of the browser:

The thumb catalog generated from cbz file:


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  • April 22, 2004
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    1a. check this post
    1b. you just change english, the rest will follow

    2. sure you can, in feature requests, but I do not see where you need it now?

    3. nice, though the effect is not yet 100% clear to me, you could maybe simply have made a custom iconview in the xml for the plugin?

    4. this is a question for a coder, you can meet most of them on IRC #MediaPortal EFNET

    5. maybe you r resizing a lot? hard to tell without having the actual plugin and skincode

    maybe frodo can help some more specifically?


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    September 2, 2004
    1a) I will request to Samsonite, thx

    1b) Ok

    2) Is to align the icon of stairs to left side of the bar in the screen i have attached. Meanwhile i will put in the middle.

    3) I did it but sometimes with the first page of a comic i don't remember if it is what i'm searching. If i show 8 or 9 pages i remember better.

    4) Ok i will try

    5) I thing is something about directx textures, i will try to debug my code.

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