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Discussion in 'Improvement Suggestions' started by Anonymous, August 26, 2004.

  1. Anonymous

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    it would be nice to have media portal coming attractions page
    maybe it can be designed to work the page
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  3. Anonymous

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    Exellent idea. This has been discussed on xbmc forum, and the developer Guybrush had some intresting ideas of how this would work.

    "And darkie, in your python script you are indeed parsing the website which could change over time, but take a look at:
    (set your user agent to "iTunes/4.5")

    Sneaky eh?, XML is perfect for these kind of things ;)

    iTunes uses these urls for trailers, so the format wont change or they will break their own application."

    This quote has been taken from.;act=ST;f=5;t=5598;st=0

    Maby someone skilled programmer would like 2 make a plugin for myTrailer?
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  5. dman_lfc
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    July 28, 2004
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    New Zealand New Zealand
    Just FYI,

    If you use QuickTime Alternative *.MOV movies play nicely in MP...
    I manually pull down the streams and store them for TV playback so feature you guys are talking about would be very nice.

  6. Anonymous

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    althought it would be better if the coming attractions feature could pull them directly off the apple trailers page
  7. Anonymous

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    I've started working on a scrapper application to pull showtimes for local movie theatres. I can't find anything like xmltv for movies. has all AMC theatres. has all the other theatres for canada.

    I'm trying to select a good site to scrape from for testing. I'm thinking a config can define numberous sights and some parameters to help in the scrapping.
    What good site are there for movie listings? Anything else i'm missing?
    I'm kind of at the proof on concept stage.
  8. Anonymous

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    wow! keep up the work. thanks man.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    Well, I can't really complete this plugin without a good selection of sites to scrape the info from.
    I can do it for my personal needs cause there's only a couple of theatres I go to in the Ottawa(Ontario, Canada) area.
    All the relevent information is at and
    I don't think that covers much in the states and definitely doesn't cover anything overseas.

    I'm looking for a good selection of sites to make sure the program works as expected.
    What sites do the readers of this forum go to for show time information?
  10. Anonymous

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    You should try

    I know that the myHTPC/Meedio version of their plugin runs from yahoo. It works on Zip code and there are versions for about 15 countries which all work in a similar way, so it fairly easy to code for a lot of countries. The one above covers the USA and Canada.

    Australia and New Zealand

    If you want I can track the whole list for you.
  11. Anonymous

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    That site looks like a good choice to start with. It doesn't cover the AMC theatres but that's alright.
    I'll start with that one.
    Thanks forbes

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