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December 7, 2005

I'm currently working on a Visual Basic program, to control my Velleman K8000 card. (to control my terrarium, and some electrical things in the room, like lights, curtains, .... a bit like mini-domotics ;-) )
this VB-prog is running 24/24-7/7 because it has to control the temperature and humidity in my terrarium.

Now on the same PC, I started using mediaportal, (because the pc was already standing behind my tv, without any screen connected, and I have a remote wonder, so ....)
And I love it, there's notting else on the pc, he's connected to my other pc's through network, so I can acces all my films, music, series, ........

Now I tought... why nog integrate the VB-program a bit??? like, when I open a movie, the card automaticly dimms the lights? now I have to open the VB-program, and push the button "dim lights". but I have the code, and the button,

So does anyone know if it is possible to make a gui plugin in mediaportal,
and put the button there? so I don't have to switch to the VB-Program?
and even better? is it possible to use the same action-code for that butten, and integrate it in de "my movies" part of mediaportal, like I said? and activate the code (dimming the lights) automatticaly when opening/starting a movie?

thanks in advance


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    Hi Olivier,

    everything you mentioned is possible. With a little programming it should be possible. If your VB program is using .NET you could use Remoting to communicate from a MP plugin directly with your program.




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    December 7, 2005
    OK, thanks, I'm a bit more motivated now, knowing that it is all possible.

    I'm a bit familiar with VB, but not realy with .net

    I was allready trying to remake the program in .net (because I installed .net, and not VB6 now), but I don't know anything about remoting.
    I'll look for some tutorials, some info sites, ....

    can I just make the program work in .net, and afterwards add remoting?
    or do I need to stop remaking in .net, and implement remoting right away?

    otherwise, I'll just finish the program first in .net
    and try to add remoting later, after I learned some more about it.



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    January 22, 2006
    Hi, I am new to using K8000. I also need to build an application in VB with which i can turn on/off lights (240 volt, 12 W hallogen lamps). There are three lamps in all. I have recently put together my k8000, and i cant make head or tail with what to do next. Can you provide me any guidance please? To be more specific, is there any sample code and connections you can share which will allow me to turn on/off one light from a Win32 VB6 application?

    thanks in advance, Abby.

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