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January 29, 2005
Columbus, Ohio
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I figured, "What better time to post about my completed HTPC than right before I tear it down to make a new one!" so here is the current system:

Pictures here
P4 2.8E on a MSI 865PE Neo2,
1.5GB GeIL DDR400 (2x512 + 2x256 in dual channel),
3x 80GB WD SATA,
I/O Magic IDVD16DD dual-layer, dual-format DVD burner
Dvico Fusion5Lite & Hauppauge PVR-250,
GF4 FX5200 VGA-out to VGA-in on the 50" Sony 50A10
XP Pro, SP2
WinDVD 5 Platinum
Nero 6 Ultra Edition

Everything set up pretty easily, except for the XMLTV, which I had to do quite a bit of trial and error to get set correctly. I'm in Ohio, Eastern Standard time zone and instead of using -0500, I ended up using -1100 in the DOS configuration and -0400 in the updater batch file. Weird, but it works.

I started off using a TI4200, VGA-VGA (since my TV supports that), then switched to DVI-HDMI, but when I swapped out the 4200 for the 5200 (to get DX9 support), I had to go back to VGA, since the card is a dual VGA-out. On the next system, I'll be using my 6800, so I'll go back to the the DVI-HDMI and hopefully have a small 5" TFT or a 15"-17" LCD connected to the VGA so that I can run things without turning on the TV...or I'll just buy a Thermaltake Media LAB VFD panel (or Siverstone VFD display) and call it quits.

For something to do, and because the original fan died, I rigged up a 70-ish mm fan to the north bridge and run it super slow. I have my RAID in the basement, which is what the last picture shows as my Z: drive.

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