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January 2, 2009
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I once had a working system....... I have upgraded to a new machine and have installed Power DVD 9 which works fine with the .iso files I have in my collection but I cannot launch the .sio files from within MP. When I try the internal player appears with a black creeen even when I set the Power DVD9 application as an external player.

I also seem to have lost control over the running of the Power DVD application via the remote.

Any suggestions on either issue would be welcomed to get me back to where I once was.

Thanks in advance:confused:

Hi All

Answering my own post! - stupid mistake that I had not linked the .iso file to into the database view!

I do still have the problem of getting back to the MP menu after pressing stop on the remote as the Power DVD post info screen comes up and I cannot close it without using a mouse on the application - the remote keys do not do anything. In the old version when I pressed stop the MP screen returned and the PowerDVD minimised or closed. Any suggestions still welcome on this issue.


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