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March 1, 2006
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I thought I'd have to post this in case others also encounter this issue.
My TV all of a sudden went bonkers and wouldn't work in any way giving the "No video/audio detected" error and I could understand why. I tried manually starting timeshift with the same result, went to read the error.log that was generated and there the exception said that it couldn't verify the sql service running, that I should also check my network (this is working just fine, running single seat), this lead me to think that my SQL Server was suddenly disallowing the connections (worked just fine when vieweing using management studio tho).

After two fresh installs (uninstalled everything, registry entries, sql server, everything..) and still the same error.log was generated I happened to open the tswriter.log which clearly stated that it couldn't create the timeshifting file due to low diskspace. I cleared the partition from some junk and voila! Everything back to normal (except me having lost all my settings which I have to redo..)

Any possibility this could be made reporting a decent error message? And the error.log is just confusing saying what it said. Sadly I cleared the log directory and won't be able to post the message it gave me.

Just thought I'd make a post if someone else encounters this error.

EDIT: When I first encountered this issue I was running v1.0.1, updated in the process to 1.0.2 with the same result.

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    You get to select the level (Error, Warning, Information, Debug) of reporting (Log Verbosity) in the MP-Configuration - General tab at the bottom of that screen.

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