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November 6, 2008
I'm trying to figure to configure MP to connect to an FTP location? I can connect to the FTP site and path location inside a web browser and with an ftp client such as filezilla.

But I can't seem to get MP to access the ftp drive when inputting the ftp location and user name and password.

Has anybody successfully connected to an FTP file location?


ok. I was able to figure out my earlier mistake.

MP indicates for you not to enter your ftp:// in the path. But you still need to enter the ftp. so you should be entering something like

Along with your user and password credentials.

But now that I can connect and see the media on the remote ftp site. To play a file, it wants to download the information to your local share drive. I was hoping to place mp3's, etc on a remote drive, and be able to stream the data to my laptop.

I'm still to MP, and getting my feet wet, but haven't learned yet how to stream the media (including music and my videos) across the web to my current location (albiet work office, travel, etc).

If anyone is streaming their videos and music, could you share your tips?

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