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September 1, 2005
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Connection MP DVI->DVI does not work(All Versions of MP)

Area: Media Portal Program
Windows Version: windows xp MCE sp2
CPU Type: amd 3500+ Venice
Memory: 1024
Motherboard Chipset: Asus A8N-E
Video Card: Asus AX 300, also testet with Asus X700 Series
Video Card Driver: - ATI Catalayst 5.7
Video Render Type: Tested with all possible
Video Codec Tested with all possible
Audio Codec Tested with all possible
TV Card1: Cinergy 1200
TV Card1 Type: dvb-c
TV Card2: FloppyFireDTV
TV Card2 Type: dvb-c

I have following problem:
I have a Asus AX 300 PCIE card(with the latest ATI-Dirvers) with two connectors (VGA,DVI).
When i connect via VGA->VGA to a analog screen(VGA-input) MP works fine. Resolution in Test (800x600, 16 or 32-bit display mode)
When i connect via VGA->DVI(DVI-VGA Adapter) to a (digital)screen(DVI-Input) MP works fine. Resolution in Test (800x600, 16 or 32-bit display mode)

When i connect via DVI->DVI (digital) screen(DVI-input) MP does not work.Resolution in Test (800x600, 16 or 32-bit display mode) and (1920 X 1080, 16 bit display mode)

When MP starts I get this messageBox from d3dapp.cs:
(Here the messagebox-code from d3dapp.cs)
strMsg = "This sample cannot run in a desktop\n";
strMsg += "window with the current display settings.\n";
strMsg += "Please change your desktop settings to a\n";
strMsg += "16- or 32-bit display mode and re-run this\n";
strMsg += "sample.";

This behavior is the same in all MP Versions.
I think MP takes the wrong Device in this case.

All ohter windows apllication(even DirectX-applications) work fine with the DVI-output in my environment, MP seems the only one I have, which does not.

The result is: I cannot use MP with my Plasma TV(Phillips fp9956) with DVI->DVI connection.

Do anybody have the same problem?

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