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Discussion in 'General Support' started by evlo, June 12, 2009.

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    June 12, 2009
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    i have three questions :). I just installed media portal as quick sollution until i get new HTPC and windows 7, but it looks like i can stick to it :)
    well, now the questions:
    1. i use ATI remote wonder and i would like to have it set up to control system volume and media portol volume with separate buttons
    2. if i use ati remote wonder control panel software i can make it to start media portal from remote button, but i still sends arrow up/down/rigt/left etc. to media portal so i can't controll it properly - do you know how to solve it?
    (i can set differnt buttons in media portal for volume control and use ati remote wonder control panel for system volume control, but there is still that arrows issue)
    - i think there is no media portal plugin for ati remote wonder control panel that would solve the issue probable if there was one
    3. the "plot" movie description in default skin scrolls to fast for me (i'm not so good at reading english, and as you can see writing is not superb too :) ) is there some nice skin where i can scroll it manually?

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    Hi evlo

    The scroll speed is set when running MP's GUI, from homescreen go to the settings menu, if you cannot see it, it may be listed under the plugins, once there, select screen setup\scroll speed, mine are both set on 1, not a fast reader either :)

    welcome to MP

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