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January 26, 2006
I am currently running of MP and have everything working great w/t one exception. The volume can only be controlled by using my receivers volume controls. When I use the MCE remote I get either no sound when i hit the (-) key or one sound volume when I hit the (+) key on the remote. I am assuming this is because I am using a digital out sound card (Turtle Beach Riviera). Wanted to know if anyone knows how I can get media portal/winXP to contol the volume scale. Please help. My wife does not want to have to use 2 remotes. Have to make the woman happy.

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July 5, 2005
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Reprogram your MCE controller to control your Receiver Volume, that's what I did and it's ok.

The procedure is as follow if I can remember : (please double check !)

On MCE Remote : Press OK and I(nfo), then Volume UP => "led blink"
Put your Receiver R/C in front of your MCE remote and push Volume UP (On the receiver R/C). => "Led Blink twice"

Same procedure with volume down.

With the last MP I think you can control the way MP change the volume (global, wave and so) perhaps it can contrôl SPD/If too. Didn't tried.

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