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February 14, 2006
Hi there,

I am very new to Media Portal - so please go easy on me - thank you.

I have just installed Media Portal on my Shuttle XPC which is currently connected to a LG 42" Standard Definition plasma screen. My questions is:

1. What should be the right resolution setting in WIndows in order to have Media Portal display correctly (i.e. in some setting screens - I can not see the whole screen (i.e. OK or Cancel buttons missing) or input fields over-lap, etc...).

2. Why is performance seems to be sluggished? Specification of my PC seems to be OK (i.e. AMD Athlon 64 3200+, 1Gb RAM, ATI All-in-Wonder 9700 Pro, 250Gb SATA HDD).

3. What will be the right resolution within Windows on this SD 42" Plasma screen if you are seating about 4 meters back?

Any advice would be very much appreciated - many thanks.




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October 25, 2005

I have LG 42" 852x480 plasma display and I'm running 848x480 resolution in Windows XP. It seams that ATI Catalyst driver can't set 852x480 so I'm using closest resolution possible.


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January 6, 2006
I am dealing with similar issues with a 42 Panasonic EDTV and an MSI FX5200 (nvidia) video card.

I have found that many resoutions work but all have drawbacks.

640x480 is sooo blown up that any accessing of the windows desktop becomes rediculous, but almost every other setting has areas cut off or they cause for distortion in MP or for a good % of the screen to be left unused.

and after adjusting and toying with it, now extenal video (divx/avi etc) runs fine as well as the TV Preview (small window while in MP menus), but as soon as I select to watch that channel in full screen mode I lose all picture (BLACK OUT) even though sound is still present.

No solution yet from me, but just wanted to let you know you arent alone

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