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after having played with beyond tv for a while I must say that I really love their product and trying MP has left me somewhat lacking. The real reason I am converting is becuase MP can do so much more and I really think development is and will move forward.

those of you who have tried beyondTV will know what I am talking about, 3 things I really missed in the coversion.

1. Wizard install, easy listings grab, low config and time from install to watching tv almost nil. This was very nice, TV worked, Remote control worked, etc... (I know we cant expect that yet from MP, just saying it was nice)
2. Very smooth and fast navigation of the guide. Butter smooth, almost as if the channels rotated around a cylinder, very cool.
3. While watching tv in full screen, show info and stuff could be overlayed transparently on the picture. From there you could go through the different channels seeing the full description and if you found one you wanted to see you could then jump to it.

For you developers who have not tried beyondTV you should grab the free trial and lets go ahead and try to impliment and improve on some of the ideas into the myTV module, they do have a fairly impressive product.

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