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April 4, 2008
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Hey Guys,

I am running Win7 x64 with iPIMP with 1080i HD recorded content. My experience so far has shown stuttering in the playback on the remote device (iPhone 4 in my case). I have also tried on a PC and the stuttering does not improve.

My PC is a AMD X2 2.6-GHz CPU with 6-GB RAM. I have noticed that when I use the iPhone connection, my CPU throughput is at 100% on one core and about 10-15% on the other core. I'm sure this explains my problems.

So one, what kind of CPU power is recommended for using this tool?

Two, my setup is using Handbrake and all parameters as setup by default. Is there a recommended profile which is less CPU intensive with the sacrifice of picture quality?

Also, I see some folks have said its not possible to stream over the web. Is there any possibility to setup a profile where the image quality is downgraded to lets say 400-kbps quality where a 3G network could handle?

Thank you!


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Transcoding HD is a resource intensive job, especially with the SmoothStreaming module. It will only ever be single threaded too so you wont gain from multiple cores. I'm unable to advise on CPU requirements, your PC resources far outweigh any I have access too.

The default settings for Live TV streaming should be OK for 3G, so long as you have the equivalent upload capacity on your internet connection.

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