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September 30, 2005
I'm looking ot use mediaportal to create a database of my DVD's and then also load them onto a hard drive. While browsing the database I'd like to be able to launch the DVD from a hard drive/networked drive. Does anyone know how to do this? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

ps. I see in the docs that you can setup a share. Is this what I need to do for this?


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    ok i will try so stop your crossposting here and there ;). Please try to be more specific. The main reason for not getting a answer lies in not making the right questions.

    MP has a database and you can easily add DVDs by just hitting F3 on the DVD share after inserting the DVD. You can change to the database view, if you change the view in My Videos to eg. title-view.

    Ripping currently is not supported, but can rip your DVDs to HD with a third party tool and also add them to the MP database. How this is be done, depends on your ripping method. Do you make VOBs or ISOs?



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    October 14, 2005
    Archiving DVD's


    To answer your question, get a program like DVD Decrypter or DVD shrink. Specifically, google for a command line to pass to DVD decrypter to rip the DVD to a folder named after the movie. You should modify this command like to place the folder in the directory where the "my Videos" menu item looks for files.

    Then, if you want, you can create an item in my programs that runs this command line, and that item will show up in the menu.

    Then when you click on the folder in MP, it'll play the dvd.

    However, ripping DVD's may be subject to legal restrictions in your jurisdiction blah blah blah.


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    August 26, 2005
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    I use AutoGK to encode DVD's in my collection I watch regularly to XviD. AutoGK automates the process of using several freeware programs, although it takes a while to encode. I use the '2 CD' option, which creates a 1.4 GB file - good quality video and Dolby sound.

    This uses significantly less disk space and I'm only encoding movie, not load of extras - I have the original DVD if I want to watch these. Audio and video perfectly in sync too.

    Cover named the same as the '.avi' XviD file generated automatically appears in MediaPortal; for instance in the 'My Videos' folder I have:
    Matrix Reloaded.avi
    Matrix Reloaded.jpg




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    December 1, 2004
    once you rip,
    you'll also want to search the forum for daemontools,
    which auto-mounts the iso's for you to play.
    this seems to be the way the dev's have chosen to support this, although integrated iso file system support would be more optimal(ala the way video lan client does it)

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