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  • June 10, 2008
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    I currently have a stand alone .exe file that creates a tvguide.xml file with all my channels in it except for CCTV8.

    There is a .xml epg file for CCTV8 here - AM936 I Love New Zealand

    If I use tv server's xmltv plugin to use the file above, i can not see in channels when i hit load/refresh after importing the above file. What is wrong with this xml file and how can i make it compatible with xmltv plugin?


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  • November 1, 2006
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    Do you have the xmltv.dtd file, because its needed for the xmltv plugin to work....


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  • December 17, 2006
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    One clear problem is that the TVServer XMLTV plugin is looking for the programme elements with attributes of start, stop, channel. In your example the start stop attributes are called datetime_start and datetime_end. There is no channel attribute but instead the programme elements are childs of the channel element. In my xmltv file, the channel and programme elements are on the same level (siblings).
    Therefore it looks like a totally different layout.

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