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Discussion in 'TV-Server Plugins' started by DJBlu, May 4, 2011.

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    I have been working on a little project for 2 weeks now which allows a programmer to grab custom data from a TS stream that the TV Server is tuned to.

    How this works is this.

    You can download the following files.

    Media Portal 1.2.0 Beta (Custom Data Grabber) Modified

    Inside the zip file is the 2 setup files which need to be installed over the top of a fresh install of MP1.2.0 beta.

    There are 2 other files.

    Custom Data Grabber.dll

    This is the file required to communicate with the TVServer to gain the data you require for your plugins.
    If you reference this file in a project and create a new instance you will be able to start timeshifting on any channel you require and filter for pids that you require.

    Just tell the grabber what channel you want to tune to, the timeout and the list of pids.
    The Grabber will then raise the event OnPacket(Pid as integer, Data as Section, Length as Integer)
    When your plugin is finished, let the grabber know and it will stop grabbing the custom data.

    Then it is up to you to deal with the raw data section.

    The reason I opted for this method was due to the amount of TSWriter changes for all the EPG systems out there.

    With Sky Aus, IT, UK, Freesat, EIT, MHW1 & 2, NagraGuide, MHEG5 and others. To implement custom systems into a standard format like the one in the TSwriter was getting difficult.


    The second file is my Sky UK EPG and Channel scanner.

    This along with the Custom Data grabber will allow you to search for channels that are in the Sky UK EPG.

    There is a thread which will help you with this here.

    This software is still in the extremely early stages and is to be used at your own risk. Please do not use this on a system you wish to use for day to day media.

    I am updating it daily so check back for updates.

    View attachment Sky UK Channel and EPG
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    Was trying to compile the filters by myself but I'm not able to compile tswriter since it needs customdataparser.h that is not included in your patch... :(

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