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October 16, 2008
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Please, to anyone coming here, read this first :

Hi all,
We are a lot of people there using this fabulous Plugin. All the potential of this really nice feature is very often occulted by this little piece of hardware that do not always want to work as we would like to.

There are a lot of threads on the forum : a lot of people are exposing there the problem they meet, a few are posting the solution they found and in all cases, it is really really hard to find a working solution.

The idea is this one : have only one place were every working solutions are concentrated. A kind of solution database or compendium.

This can exist and have an interest only and only if are posted here working solutions. :D
Please do not post here in order to get some help !
(there are some other threads for it ! ;) )​

This rule is extremely important if we want this thread kept easy to read through and clean.

Rules for posting :
We all have different Operating systems, remotes, iMon VFD or LCD kind (VFD/LCD, OEM/Retail, etc...) with different firmwares, different iMon manager versions. It seems that there is a different solution for every different configuration !
Therefore, it is very important to be very precise when giving your configuration.
For this purpose, please fill in this chart before giving your solution :

  • OEM or PC case Manufacturer (If and only if OEM ?) : Antec/Silverstone/CoolerMaster/3R System/Thermaltake/...
  • MediaPortal Version : (Please, precise SVN if it applies)
  • Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version : (if it applies, since Cyberdisplay will be now integrated as Minidisplay starting from RC4 release of MP)
  • Operating System : XP Home/XP Pro/VISTA Basic/VISTA Home Premium/VISTA Ultimate/etc...
    please precise SP1/SP2/SP3
  • Motherboard : your motherboard brand and model (may be somebody just has an USB issue !)
  • Imon Display Model : can be of those kinds
    • iMon VFD (Retail)
    • iMon Ultrabay (Retail)
    • iMON OEM (VFD)
    • iMON OEM (LCD)
    • iMON OEM (Touch LCD)
  • Connection kind : USB/Serial Port/etc...
  • OEM Type (If and only if OEM) :
    • Type A (simple display)
    • Type B1 (Type A with Volume)
    • Type B2 (Type A with Button controller),
    • Type C (Type A with Volume and Button controller)
    • Type Custom (totally customized by the PC manufacturer) (example : AVC-K1 case by G.M. Corporation)
  • Firmware :as shown by iMon manager in "Options-->updates" (example : 0x3801)
  • IMon Manager Version : 6.01.122/7.20.0502/7.40.0806/etc.. please precise "beta" if it is a beta release
    (Please, do not hesitate to precise if it is an OEM customized Manager software)
  • Remote Controller : iMon Pad (RM200) / iMon Mini (RM100) / Harmony (precise 525/555/etc) used as iMon Pad/MCE remote / Microsoft MCE remote (wich one ?)/Trust MCE remote/etc...

Here is a blank chart (for Copy/Paste in your post)

[B]OEM or PC case  Manufacturer and Case model :[/B]
[B]MediaPortal Version :[/B]
[B]Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version :[/B]
[B]Operating System :[/B] 
[B]Motherboard :[/B]
[B]Imon Display Model :[/B]
[B]Connection kind :[/B]
[B]OEM Type :  [/B]
[B]Firmware :[/B]
[B]IMon Manager Version :[/B]
[B]Remote Controller :[/B]
Then and last, put your entire solution in Quote, so that the solution will be easily caught by the eye.

Thank you everybody for your participation :)

Here is an example of my solution :

OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : Antec Micro Fusion 350
MediaPortal Version : Same beahaviour and proposed solution for RC3, RC4 and final.
Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version :CybrDisplay 05_08_2008 for RC3, Minidisplay plugin enabled otherelse.
Operating System : XP Pro SP3
Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H (AMD 780G chipset)
Imon Display Model : iMON OEM (LCD)
Connection kind :USB 2.0
OEM Type : Type A
Firmware : 0x3801
IMon Manager Version : 7.40.806
Remote Controller : Logitech Harmony 555 used as a iMon Pad remote controller
I configured my logitech harmony as a RM200 (iMon Pad Remote Controller in the Logitech software).

I was obliged to configure the iMon manager in order to not display the knob like widget (the kind of circle that displays the RC commands on the desktop), because it was displaying over the MP window each time I was pressing a key of my remote.
(Note : there is a dropdownlist in iMon Manager, somewhere... can't remember where exactly, but is is in the "remote" section if I am right)

I had, then, two minor issues :
- First : the logitech harmony seems to throw IR commands to fast or in double so that it looks like when I press enter on my RC, MP receives the "enter" key command twice in a throw.

I partially solved the issues by adjusting the keyboard delay and repetition settings (which can be done from within iMon manager" or Control panel). I do not have this issue with the little mini remote I got with my case.

And I finally solved totally this issue like this:
Just a few settings to modify (delays, repeat) in the Logitech Harmony programmation :
- device/settings/delays or device/settings/troubleshoot/... for the delays (I set it to 100/300/150 in the fields)
- devices/troubleshoot/responds to some commands... for the number of repeat (set to 2 by default, I set it up on 1 )

- Second : If your remote starts as a "mouse", even if I check the "Enforce keyboard" setting in cyberdisplay , here is the solution :
If you enforce driver restart--> bam, your remote will act as a mouse.
Other else, there is a specific entry in the windows registry to change: with regedit, look for SoundGraph or Imon entries so that you find the all bunch of settings for the iMon driver : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\SOUNDGRAP\IMON\

You will find here some particularly interesting entries and in particular "MouseMode" : if you have a value of "1" showing here, turn it into a "0"

Anyway, it is a lot better than before.

Finally I do not use IRSS : it meets the same issue if set up in order to receive MCE remote signals. When Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay is running, MCE remote signal do not work, only iMon remote signals are handled ! (with my config ! other hardware versions may work !)

I have to precise that if I do not use cyberdiplay (or Minidisplay) (if I run the Frontview in "automatic" mode in order to display things like Weather forecast or news, the logitech Harmony works perfectly if everything is configured (iMon manager+remote) for a MCE remote.
The MCE signals are not working at all as soon as Cyberdisplay (Minidisplay) is running (with my LCD hardware version).

Edit (2009-03-27) :
I found an interesting post on the forum that partially solved this issue, a step forward to make it work with future releases of Minidisplay.
When Minidisplay runs and and subsequently stops the MCE remote working, the MCE remote can be reset by changing the remote back to Imon mini, and then back to MCE remote in imon manager. The MCEremote then responds again. This also works within Mediaportal if you simple alt and tab back into imon manager and do the same thing. Alt and tab back into mediaportal and everything works!!

Obviously this isn't a workable solution but does prove a couple of things:

1) Minidisplay and Imon MCE commands can co-exist and work.
2) Minidisplay must be interupting the MCE commands in Imon when it launches. Once launched, if the imon settings are reset everything works again.
The iMon mini remote that came with my case do not have the repeated "keys" issue.

Main settings of Minidisplay:
A little word about Brightness and Contrast settings : the most comfortable I found was setting both to 25% (sliders put close to left end side)

I checked only :
- Ensure is running...
- Force to use keyboard mode...
and that's it !

A bit of topic :
  • SPDIF Volume control under XP :
    When you use S/PDIF in XP master volume change won't work (this is a Windows "issue"). Open iMON Manager and go to Option>System and set mixer line to "wave", "wave sound" or "wave out" (I don't remember), instead of "Main Volume Control".
    Also go to iMON Manager iMON Utilities > FrontView > Graphic Equalizer and make "All System Sounds" unchecked. Then rerun iMON.exe.
  • iMON Device Disconnection problem with Game Controller (Note : file is attached below)
    A partial solution and a patch can be found on Soundgraph's Website
    iMON said:
    This issue happens in the firmware which produced before April.2008. We will discuss about this issue with Antec and support service to customer. We try to solve this issue. Please forgive our poor service.
    When some games or Windows Control Panel’s Game Controllers is running, the problem that iMON device is disconnected and then connected repeatedly occurs with some models and some versions of iMON hardware.

    This problem occurs because Windows DirectInput Device Enumeration API function requests the ‘device description string’ of iMON hardware even it talks to Windows that it does not support the description string.

    In order to avoid this problem, iMON device should be disabled before the Windows DirectInput Device Enumeration API function is called. Because some games and Windows Control Panel’s Game Controllers call this API function periodically, it would be better disable iMON device before these programs are running and enable it again after exiting these programs.

    [Tool and patch file]
    One tool and new iMON.exe file are supported in order for users faced on this problem to make iMON device disable/enable easily. Please refer the following;

    1. Make iMON Software up to date. (Version 7.40.0806 of iMON required.)

    2. Download the patch file at the following URL

    3. Unzip the downloaded file in the temp folder. There’re two files extracted; iMON.exe and EnableDisableiMON.exe

    4. Exit iMON Manager and overwrite iMON.exe to the iMON installation folder. Run this new iMON.exe.

    5. Move EnableDisableiMON.exe to the folder where you could easily access such as Windows Desktop.
    (Because the step 1 to 5 is for applying patch and being ready to use the tool, there’s no need to do these steps again if once applied. The following step 6 to 8 should be done whenever you’d like to enjoy game program.)

    6.Before running a game program, run EnableDisableiMON.exe first. Then iMON device will be disabled and iMON indicator will show yellow color.

    7. Enjoy the game.

    8. After exiting the game, run EnableDisableiMON.exe again. Then iMON device will be enabled and iMON indicator will show blue color.

    A. On Windows Vista, UAC (User Account Control) window will show whenever EnableDisableiMON.exe is run because the administrator level is needed to enable/disable device on Windows Vista. Windows UAC can be disabled in Windows Control Panel.

    B. Even during iMON device disabled with EnableDisableiMON.exe, the mouse cursor movement with the thumb PAD on iMON PAD remote and input the numeric character with the numeric buttons on iMON PAD remote can work, because only iMON HID device is disabled.
    (file is attached below)
  • iMon Volume Knob that do not work : (file is attached below)
    Another downside to the included drivers/software for the VFD/Volume knob that comes with the ANTEC Fusion is that the volume knob will not work for SPDIF output in Vista. However, there is a fix :
    1. Exit iMON.exe by right mouse click and select Exit over iMON icon right bottom of your monitor.
    2. Download this updated attached below
    Change existing SMCA.dll (located in C:\Program Files\SOUNDGRAPH\iMON) into SMCA_old.dll and copy downloaded dll into that folder.
    3. Rerun iMON.exe.
    4. Open iMON Manager and set "SoundCard Device" of System volume as Digital Output NOT Speakers.
    5. And control volume with remote.​



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  • September 28, 2006
    Milano, Italy
    Italy Italy
    Country flag
    OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : Silverstone LC20M
    MediaPortal Version : latest SVN
    Minidisplay version : SoundGraph iMON USB VFD/LCD Plugin V29_10_2008
    Operating System : Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit SP1
    Motherboard : Asus P5K with 1006 BIOS version
    Imon Display Model : iMON OEM (VFD)
    Connection kind : USB
    OEM Type : Type A
    Firmware : 0x80
    IMon Manager Version : 7.40.0806
    Remote Controller : Harmony 555 as MCE remote

    Using "IR Server Suite - Test Build" (self-compiled) everything works fine out of the box.
    Nothing need to be tweaked in IRSS or in Harmony software.

    MiniDisplay autodetection log line in MediaPortal.log:

    2008-11-18 [Info.][MiniDisplay]: (IDisplay) iMONLCDg.Setup(): RC TEST returned DRVR: 0xc9, FW: 0x80 (HW: 0xf), RC_HW: 0x5, RF: 0x0
    2008-11-18 [Info.][MiniDispaly]: (IDisplay) iMONLCDg.Setup(): Closing SG_RC.dll
    2008-11-18 [Info.][MiniDisplay]: iMONLCDg.Setup(): checking registry for ANTEC entries
    2008-11-18 [Info.][MiniDisplay]: iMONLCDg.Setup(): ANTEC registry entries NOT found
    2008-11-18 [Info.][MiniDisplay]: iMONLCDg.Setup(): checking registry for SOUNDGRAPH entries
    2008-11-18 [Info.][MiniDisplay]: iMONLCDg.Setup(): SOUNDGRAPH registry entries found - HW: f
    2008-11-18 [Info.][MiniDisplay]: iMONLCDg.GetDisplayInfoFromFirmware(): Found version match - FW: 80, iMON Type: f, Reserved: 0, Display Type: VFD
    2008-11-18 [Info.][MiniDisplay]: iMONLCDg.Setup(): Hardware tests determined - iMON Type: f, Display Type: VFD Rsrvd: 0


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    December 23, 2007
    Austria Austria
    OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : mCubed HFX classic
    MediaPortal Version : 1.0
    Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version : Minidisplay (in MP 1.0 included version)
    Operating System : Vista Ultimate 32bit
    Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H (Bios F5)
    Imon Display Model : iMON OEM (VFD)
    Connection kind : USB
    OEM Type : Type A (simple display)
    Firmware : 0x360101
    IMon Manager Version : 7.40.0806
    Remote Controller : Logitech Harmony 785 as MCE remote (Selected device: Micro$oft Media Center PC)

    ...attached are my iMON Manager MediaPortal key setting file and some screenshots of the most important settings.
    For some special key combinations i use ShortCuter plugin.
    Don't forget to disable all iMON Manager "Windows-Commands" which are needed by
    MediaPortal key settings before you import this setting file!



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    March 31, 2008
    OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : Silverstone LC16M
    MediaPortal Version : RC3
    Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version : the one in MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot:-11-08-2008 16-42h - Revision:20755.rar
    Operating System : Windows XP SP2
    Motherboard : ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI
    Imon Display Model : iMon VFD
    Connection kind : USB
    OEM Type : C
    Firmware : 0x360101
    IMon Manager Version : 7.40.0806
    Remote Controller : iMon Pad

    Previously I had the problem, that only my iMon display OR the remote control worked, but not both together. I don't now which component did the trick, but with the new Imon Manager 7.40.0806 and the current minidisplay plugin everything works fine.

    The settings from the previous post do not work on my computer. In addition to the standard settings I have to check
    - Ensure is running before driver start
    - Force restart after driver start
    otherwise my remote control does not work at all. I also configured MP to be always on top, because otherwise the remote input data is not passed to it. Using this configuration everything works perfect for me, the display shows all mediaportal information and the remote works in mediaportal, windows and other programs flawlessly.


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  • January 23, 2007
    OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : Chiftech Hi-Fi
    MediaPortal Version : RC4
    Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version : Soundgraph iMon USBVFD/LCD Plugin v23_11_2008
    Operating System : XP SP2
    Motherboard : ASUS M2N-VH
    Imon Display Model : iMON OEM (VFD)
    Connection kind : USB
    OEM Type : Type A
    Firmware : 0x87
    IMon Manager Version :
    Remote Controller : Harmony 525 configured as iMon PAD

    That's my configuration:

    iMon Manager

    - Frontview = Never


    - Port = USB
    - Advanced
    * Display Type = VFD
    * Use SG_VFD.dll = flag
    * Force reload during driver start = flag



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    May 21, 2007
    Australia Australia
    Country flag
    OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : Silverstone LC20-M
    MediaPortal Version :
    Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version : Soundgraph Imon USB VFD/LCD V12_01_2008
    Operating System : XP SP3
    Motherboard : MSI K9N Platinum
    Imon Display Model : Imon OEM (VFD)
    Connection kind : USB
    OEM Type : A
    Firmware : 0x80
    IMon Manager Version : 6.20.0830 (Silverstone)
    Remote Controller : Imon Pad

    Initially I could not get both the VFD and remote working at the same time. It was one or the other.
    Selected 'Use SG_VFD.dll V3' in the advanced options and now both work fine together.
    In Imon setup have 3rd party app unticked and Frontview set to never start.


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  • January 9, 2009
    OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : Antec Fusion Max
    MediaPortal Version : 1.0
    Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version :
    Operating System : Vista Ultimate x64
    Motherboard : Gigabyte 81945PL-G
    Imon Display Model : iMON OEM (LCD)
    Connection kind : USB
    OEM Type :
    Firmware : 0x380280
    IMon Manager Version : 6.20.1102 (ANTEC)
    Remote Controller : iMON PAD RM200

    Problem: LCD Not loading correctly when starting mediaportal (No backlight). When working, not resuming frontview correctly. Volume knob also not working

    Downloaded latest drivers from the Antec website (Just used the Fusion drivers listed on the download page). A bit outdated but it looks like it has the same functionality if not a bit more as the drivers provided on cd.
    Disable driver auto updates after installation

    MiniDisplay settings are attatched.



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    April 26, 2006
    San Sebastian
    OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : SilverStone GDM01
    MediaPortal Version : 1.0
    Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version : Soundgraph Imon USB VFD/LCD V12_01_2008
    Operating System : Windows Vista

    Imon Display Model : LCD HID OEM
    Connection kind : USB
    OEM Type :
    Firmware : 380101
    IMon Manager Version : , 7.20.0502
    Remote Controller : IMON

    IRRS does not work with firmware version 380101

    So I have setup working with Imon manager using Imon Pad..

    The remote is working no problem even after resume from standby (S4 Hybrid mode) Keyboard mode is on.. Great

    My problem is with MiniDisplay if I setup to use it I have the same problem as in the first post, after resuming from S4 mode, the Imon is in mouse mode, If I close MP and reopen Keyboard mode is back (the estrange thing is that I have on mp configure to restard after resume but it does not does work for the imon, I have to close and open MP manualy)

    I have setup on minidisplay on "advanced" settings "Enforce keyboard" but no efect after resuming from S4, only solution to close and open MP

    Any Idea to try?



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    November 5, 2007
    Germany Germany
    OEM or PC case Manufacturer and Case model : Inter-Tech HTPC 2008-V Silver
    MediaPortal Version : 1.0 Final
    Cyberdisplay/Minidisplay version : Minidisplay
    Operating System : Vista Ultimate 32 Bit SP 1
    Motherboard : Asus P5E-VM HDMI
    Imon Display Model : Imon Ultra Bay
    Connection kind : USB
    Firmware : 0x380102
    IMon Manager Version :7.40.0806
    Remote Controller :Logitech Harmony 525 as IMON Pad


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    January 21, 2009
    Germany Germany
    Chieftec HM-02 working with quirks

    * PC case Manufacturer: Chieftec HM-02
    * MediaPortal Version : 1.0
    * Minidisplay version: The one integrated in MP1
    * Operating System : XP Home SP3
    * Motherboard : Gigabyte MA78GM-S2H
    * Imon Display Model : iMON OEM (VFD)
    * Connection kind : USB onboard connector
    * OEM Type:Type C (Type A with Volume and Button controller)
    * Firmware : 0x360201
    * IMon Manager Version : 7.40.0806
    * Remote Controller : iMon Pad (RM200)

    I'm using the MiniDisplay with the standard 'Soundgraph iMon VFD USB' type. In the 'Advanced Settings' section if have to set the display type to 'VFD' and activate 'Force restart after driver start and 'Force to use Keyboard mode with iMon Pad', leaving all other options unchecked. Contrary to most other solutions, I have to configure FrontView as "always" on in iMon Manager, with "never" or "automatic" the VFD turns blank as soon as the MediaPortal plugins are started.

    With this setting, the VFD and the iMon Pad remote will work but show some peculiar behaviour: When the Media Portal GUI has started, the VFD works at once while the remote and the volume and function knob don't react at all. After 16-20 seconds of waiting, the Media Portal window title bar(I'm testing in windowed mode) changes color as if the program loses and regains (due to the 'always on top' option I assume) focus. From this moment the external knobs and the remote start working again so I have a fully functionable iMon VFD and remote at the same time. So I would recommend users with similay problems (VFD working but no remote) to wait a little bit longer to see if the remote kicks in later. Not really a good solution, but perhaps better than nothing

    Another fact of interest (maybe): If I check 'Delay driver initialization' in MiniDisplay's advanced settings, then the remote control works when Media Portal starts up, while the normal front view display is still on. After some seconds the delayed driver initialization takes over the VFD and the remote stops working. Again, there is the same 'unfocus-focus' effect after 16-20s and then the remote starts working again. If I might be allowed an uneducated guess, it seems people who are suspecting an interaction between the VFD and the remote receiver might be right. In my case it looks as if the VFD initialization by the MiniDisplay plugin forces a restart/initialization procedure of the IR receiver software and/or hardware during which the remote does not work. After a noticeable delay this procedure is completed and the remote works again. Hopefully this might help the techies around here to better understand the problem and maybe come up with a solution. Though I fear it is probably a problem within the iMon software and Soundgraph's erratic and not at all customer-friendly policy :(.

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