Dbox, Dreambox or DVB-C PCI Card


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March 20, 2008
Heya guys

Ive got a question about what would be the best option to use...
I have a Dbox and a Dreambox (mainly use my Dreambox) Ive been using the MyDreamDbox plugin by Kroko (well done that man) to view my cable feed within MP, Although i can connect to my DBOX I cannot connect to my Dreambox, but before i continue to troubleshoot the problem, I wanted to see if there would be the prefered option?

Connecting MP to a Dreambox or Dbox, or, would I be better to go and buy a PCI DVB-C card and view cable that way? also if I do get a DVB-C card would I be able to view all the channels that I can view on my Dreambox? or would it only be Free To Air channels?

Many thanks for your time and suggestions..

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