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new WIKI: Supported TVCards


With the arrival of the new TV engine, I have created a new section in the wiki which will hold information about user's experiences with different TV capture cards.

The new TV engine, which was created primarily by Mars and Frodo allows for different cards to have the predefined settings, to get the best from them. Suitable cards will have these settings held in the new ?CaptureCardDefinitions.xml? file. contains the list of cards that are already preconfigured. These will be regarded as "Supported cards".

Other cards which do not have their settings specified in this xml file will continue to use the generic settings. This does not mean that these "unsupported" cards will not work, just that they don't have specific settings so might not work as well. The user experiences with these "unsupported" cards can be found here:

HW cards
AIW cards
SW cards
DVB cards

If your card is not listed in the appropriate section then feel free to add it to the table. If you card is listed but the information against it is blank or incorrect for the latest version, then please update it.

For each listed card, there is room for users to record the base functionality of the card. This helps the developers see which cards need more attention. Each card can also have its own page, where users with these cards can offer up links to drivers, best settings, known problems, etc.

If the card's name is black then the link has not been created yet, if it is red the link is created (click on it) but no-one has entered any information yet, and if it is green then there is already comments (but you can add your own). Further help on creating links can be found here:

If you are unhappy about editing the wiki, then post your experiences here and someone else in the forum will make the changes for you. If you do edit or add a page, please use the preview button first, then the save button.

These lists should be a reflection of the latest version of Media Portal, not of any CVS builds.

Hopefully this will provide a useful resource for the Media Portal community, but it will only be successful if users record there own experiences. You are possibly the only one with your particular card. Let us know if it works or not.

P.S. can a forum admin please make this sticky?


I'll try to describe my Leadtek Winfast TV USB II as much as i can.

It's a software box, i don't know what chip is in there.
In TV only show the image so i'm unable to get sound.
I didn't try recording neither the fm radio.

Hope that help a little. :)


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    updated with some dvico info....what other info is needed and how do i find that info? i have a dvico fusionhdtv DVB-T (T-1) .....and soon i will have the USB2 version as well....ill keep u posted


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    I am using, a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-s PCI CArd, wich is very Popular in Germany, i think...
    It is a PCI- Card with no HW Decoder --> So it uses Softwaredecoding
    LNB-Input for Sattelite

    Hardware PCI 2.1 Card, Satellite Tuner, Video Chip Philips SAA 7146A, OPSK Demodulator

    DVB, DSR, Recording of digital TV-Signals in MPEG2-Format

    768x572 with 24 bit Colors at MPEG 2 (*.pav)

    Hope this is enough INformatino for you!

    Would be cool if this card will be supported soon!!!

    IT is the same card as the Technotrend Budget PCI Card, and can be used with the Technotrend BDA-Drivers!!!



    tom1502 said:
    I am using, a Hauppauge WinTV Nova-s PCI CArd, wich is very Popular in Germany, i think...
    It is a PCI- Card with no HW Decoder --> So it uses Softwaredecoding

    Actually, I think its a DVB-s card. Frodo is working hard at the moment to support DVB-s cards with BDA drivers so you might be able to help him. See this thread here:

    Until your card gets the correct support, you could create an entry for your card here with any details you know:



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    Hi i am using a hauppauge nexus-ca card with support for analog tv signals (software) as well as dvb-c.
    The card is based on the philips SAA7146ah chipset which is not listed in the tv-cards section. This card doesn't work with media portal and i am not shure if it will. Not even hauppauges own software will allow you to use it to record/timeshift analog tv. So if you like you could add it to the list of unsupported cards. Or if it is no problems i could add it to the list of philips SAA713*** cards (it is probably basically the same chipset).

    These are the specs:

    Common name Hauppuge Nexus-CA
    Type SW
    Chipset SAA7146ah
    Interface PCI
    Live TV No
    Record TV No
    Timeshift No
    Radio No

    this post is meant to reflect the analog functionality of the card. Since it doesn't have bda drivers and therfore its dvb-c functionality won't work at all. (According to hauppauge no bda drivers are planned for the nexus series.)



    david blouin said:
    Just found out that it seems my leadtek Winfast TV USB II is using a Philips SAA7133

    Done. Added it to unsupported list, let me your success with it (or not).


    My diagnostic step by step.

    Ok first the radio on my leadtek seems to scan(autotune) correctly with no problem.

    Unfortunatly i live pratically in a geographic hole so all the station i scan doesn't work. :lol: Obviously since i don't get sound on live tv , i don't get sound on live radio aswell.

    :shock: I just press record now on tv for the first time and i'm hearing the sound. :shock: I stop the record and no sound anymore :cry:

    It record well and with sound !

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