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  • June 20, 2008
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    Using latest MyTV Series in StreamedMP 8.4, MP 1.0.1
    I use SchedulesDirect for series info.
    Typically only about 50% of the recordings are automatically parsed and the rest have to be manually entered.

    Everytime I watch an episode manually located, when done MyTV Series delets the info. It leaves the files intact.
    So it's still listed in regular TV-Recordings. But if I want to keep the info in MyTVSeries, I have to into config again and relocate the episode.

    I have the MyTVSeries config set to not delete shows after watching and to mark as watched after 95%.

    Everything else works great, but I'd love to resolve this.

    If this is possibly related more to the skin, I'll repost it there.

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