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December 13, 2008
Hope you might be able to help.

Have installed and been running Mediaportal 1.0.0 on Windows XP.

Watching TV works fine. However, when I play some recordings, they either don't play (Mediaportal doesn't hang, instead the recordings don't play) or the playback is choppy. Interestingly, when I playback the .ts file on my laptop there is no problem - it plays fine.

Also, when I go to MyRecordings folder, there are times when the recording isn't in the folder even though it's in the Recorded TV section of Mediaportal (and can be watched).

Any ideas how to solve this? I've installed the iphone app and am ensuring that transcoding doesn't happen at the same time as watching.


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January 20, 2007
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Hi Woggle

I guess i have the same problem as you. Esp. after whatcing a movie, it's usually problems playing recorded TV.
My fix for the moment is just to restart just MP, and the playback works fine. (Doesen't take long, so it's not that anoying)
Hope the problem goes away in 1.01. (If not, I guess we have to dig into codec's etc.)

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