Difficulty of writing standalone MCE blasting app using Microsoft MCE Transceiver.dll (1 Viewer)


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October 4, 2008
Media center users are in desperate need of a simple and reliable way to blast (and ideally, record) IR commands using the USB media center remote. Your driver files work very well - much better than anything anyone else has come up with, as far as I know. But overall, infrared server suite as a whole is just much too complicated for the simple purpose of blasting. (standby issues, occasionally taking 100% of the CPU, etc)

So, I would like to work on developing a standalone command line app that JUST blasts recorded IR commands. Is it possible to use your "microsoft mce transceiver.dll" with a standalone console app to simply blast IR commands? I've looked through the source, and it looks like the dll depends on other stuff from the input service project.
Is this a possibility? Is it easy? I think it would be a huge asset to the vista media center community.

edit: to be clear, i'm talking about an app that does not rely on the input service.


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    Sadly and-81 does not visit the forums or update IRSS as often as he used, I'd recommend that you send him a PM.

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