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February 3, 2005

I found 2 topics where this was more or less discussed, but even with the advice in there I still can't figure out what hardware it is I need to get this to work.

I would like to record (at the same time) two different channels and also watch TV with MediaPortal not running.
All this DBT-T / DBV-C and extra card (slots) that I need, I just don't get it. :)

I know I know, I'm probably just stupid but can somebody who knows how this all works please tell me what parts I need to get ?

(I like PCI stuff, not the firewire/USB hardware).

I would hate to get a reciever of some sort and then find out I got the wrong one or this other card is beter..or has two tuners so I only need one..
Please advice...

Thank you in advance !



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May 30, 2005
As far as I am aware you will need 1 tv-card for each process so if recording 2 channels at same time and want to watch another, i think you will then require 3 tv cards

as for the type, it depends on the service you have, if you have cable tv, you could get a dvd-c, for freeview its dvb-t and then dvb-s for sat. if you search the forums ther is a topic on all TV cards supported



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February 3, 2005
Thank you jpskiller but that is not the awnser I am looking for. :)
I don't think I need 3 tv cards if I want to record 2 different channels on MP and watch one without MP with plain old tv.

Digitenne is DBV-T, but there are options to use DBV-C i read in another topic on this subject.

It would be great if somebody in Holland who knows this service and has digitenne or KPN digitale tv working in MP with PCI cards would post what config and hardware he uses...


First of all it is DVB. DVB-T is a standard for Terrestrial DVB, compared to DVB-S for Satellite broedcasting. There also exists DVB-C for digital cable tv.

The Dutch Digitenne service uses DVB-T. However, it is not free-to-air (except Nederland 2). This means that you need a special Digitenne settop box with a decoder for your tv (or HTPC). This decoder accepts some kind of chipcard, also used with many satellite services.

Now here comes the problem. You need a special DVB-T pci-card that accepts that same chipcard. There is a topic on a Dutch MCE forum about a test with a Twinhan dvb-t-card. This doesn't work in Windows Media Center, but in Windows itself it works flawlessly with great picture quality. I do not know if this will work in MediaPortal, but I sincerely hope so, since I would love to switch to digital tv myself :).

Of course, to record 2 programs simultaneously you will need 2 dvb-t-cards. Therefor also 2 chipcards are required and you better check the monthly fee for that first!

READ THIS: http://www.smhbv.nl/kabel/merken/twinhan/index.html (Dutch)


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June 26, 2005
Woerden, The Netherlands
I can say the Twinhan DVB-T with Common Interface works fine, I use the card with a Irdeto CAM. I have the card for 4 months now, and with the latest releases of MediaPortal it works without any problems. I read anywhere else something about dvb-t radio support for this card, I hope this will be done in future. In Windows the radio works fine also. Switching between channels is a bit slow, but I think this will be a decoding-issue (switching to free-to-air-channel Nederland 2 works fine and is very fast).

The quality of te card is good, better than using an settop-box and a composite-in at my pc (tested with a Pinnacle PC TV Pro PCI-card). The antenna supplied by Digitenne is an active one, but the Twinhan doesn't have an option for a voltage on the antenna-input so you need to buy a special block which 'creates' this voltage for the antenna.

Teletext doesn't work fine with this card (but didn't test it with a settop-box), EPG works fine. Don't know Teletext is supported by MediaPortal or not.

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