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Nisse Q

I have a Firefly remote. I can really recommend this nice RF remote.

What I would like to have, is direct buttons in MP to My Music, My Photos, My Movies, My TV and so on, so I dont have to go vai the main menu, but instead can use for instance the TV button on the remote to go directly to the My TV menu.


How about that?


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March 5, 2005
i was just thinking about this yesterday. it indeed would be nice to have this so you can just go straight to each section.. having to back out to the main menu everytime seems unintuitive to me..

i think of it in terms of having a receiver. if i want to go to the dvd source, i just hit dvd on the remote. if i want to go to the dtv or cd player or tuner, i hit those on the remote. it would seem wierd if i had to hit AMP first to select the receiver and then go to the appropriate section..

definitely an RFE...

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