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frodo said:
Take a look @ directvobsub
Its a great filter for showing your subtitles, and best of all
since today you can control it from within mediaportal
so you can switch subtitles, turn them on/off etc all
from within the OSD


First of all, I'm new to Media-portal, so this may be an obvious question...

I got DirectVobSub to work with Divx movies but is there a way to make it work with HDTV captures (.ts or .mpg format)?



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    on/off of subtitles

    dear frodo!

    yes i can switch languages of subtitles from within the osd, but i CANT turn them on and even worse i cant turn them off.
    can you give a comment on whether this should work?


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    How do You switch or change subtitles from OSD?
    It seems that I can't find that option.


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    Got the subs to show up

    Hey, I know this is an old post, but I couldn't find much other information on it. I installed vobsub like the previous poster mentioned, but for whatever reason it wasn't loading in Media Portal. It would load in other players like media center classic. Anyway, I opened up the Haali filter's (for OGM) options and found an option to auto load vobsub, and that was set to false. So, set that to true, and then your off. It doesn't start until the next time you load a video. I found out that pressing "a" switches language tracks (same as MPC). Oh, and the only time I had access to the options menu was when I was currently playing a video in Media Portal, then Haali filter would be in the system tray and you can double click it to open it up.

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