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  • May 17, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    TV-Server Version:
    MediaPortal Version:
    MediaPortal Skin: Blue3 Wide
    Windows Version: Windows XP SP3
    CPU Type: Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz
    Memory: 2Gb
    Motherboard: ASUS P5B Vista
    Video Card: Geforce 8600GT
    Video Card Driver:
    Sound Card: Built-in
    Sound Card AC3:
    Sound Card Driver:
    1. TV Card: Hauppauge HVR4000
    1. TV Card Type: DVB-S/S2
    1. TV Card Driver:
    2. TV Card: Hauppauge HVR4000
    2. TV Card Type: DVB-S/S2
    2. TV Card Driver:
    3. TV Card: FireDTV
    3. TV Card Type: DVB-S
    3. TV Card Driver:
    4. TV Card: Pinnacle RoyalTS Dual
    4. TV Card Type: DVB-T
    4. TV Card Driver:
    MPEG2 Video Codec: Nvidia Purevideo
    MPEG2 Audio Codec: Nvidia Purevideo
    h.264 Video Codec: PowerDVD 8
    Satelite/CableTV Provider: Thor 0.8W/Sirius 5.0E
    HTPC Case: Zalman HT160
    Power Supply:
    Remote: MCE Remote
    TV: Philips 32'' old type
    TV - HTPC Connection: RGB Scart

    DiSeq switching is saved in table TuningDetails if i understand correctly, which makes it difficult/impossible with my setup.
    Card1: Diseq 4/1 AA - Thor, AB - Sirius
    Card2: Diseq 2/1 SimpleA - Thor, Simple B - Sirius
    Card3: No Diseq. Thor

    What happens is that i scan all cards/transponders and they work fine, but only the last scanned DiSeq-setting is saved for each channel. So if i scan in the order above - i mess up the whole thing and only card3 can receive Thor and card1 and 2 receive Sirius.

    Is it possible to change this somehow so DiSeq-settings is stored together with card-data or something like that..



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  • November 8, 2007
    Canada Canada
    Card 3 shouldn't scan at all. Just map the Thor channels to the card in the config app after having scanned one of the other two cards. Card 3 will send a diseqc command, but since there's no switch, it should just fail silently & tune the channel.

    For the other two, I don't know whether AA=Simple A & BB=Simple B or not. If so, then just move the cables on switch one to go to AA & BB instead of AA & AB. Otherwise, change one of the two switches so they are the same type. Then scan one card, & remap in the config for the others.


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  • May 17, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    Thanks, thats what i finally figured out too, but it took so many tries and a long time to figure out what really happened. So i cuold only use one card for a couple of months.

    I am trying to make a solution in the TV-server. I added one column in TuningDetal "satContext" containing which sattelite has been scanned for each channel, then at the time of tuning to that channel, updating DiSeqc to the matching setting for that card.

    If I succeed and if the developers think thats a good approach, I will submit the patches. :)


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  • May 17, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    It works :p

    DiSeq-settings is pulled from table Settings instead of TuningDetail. A new column is needed tho in TuningDetail "satContext" to match the scanned satellite against the LNB-settings.

    Patches against rev 21391 as promised.


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  • December 30, 2007
    Norway Norway

    This is nice. Any chance you can provide a compiled tvlibrary.dll for testing purpose?



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  • May 17, 2007
    Sweden Sweden
    A build comtaining this and an attempt to improve readability of the teletext module can be downloaded at

    You have to rescan the channels to update the database with satContext . The column will be added automatically at first start.
    Look in tv.log for something like..

    card: user: tvpc:10:-1 tune DVBS:tv: TV1000 Classic   ......   DisEqc:None  .....  satContext:143
    card: DiSeq: Trying to find DiSeq for card 10
    card: DiSeq: dvbs10SatteliteContext1 = 142
    card: DiSeq: dvbs10SatteliteContext2 = 143
    card: DiSeq: Found satContext 143
    card: DiSeq: Setting dvbs10DisEqc2 is 2
    card: DiSeq: Updating DiSeqc to 2
    dvbs:  Tune:DVBS:tv: TV1000 Classic ...... DisEqc:SimpleB ...... satContext:143
    FireDTV SendDiseqcCommand() diseqc:SimpleB, .........
    FireDTV:SendDiseq: 0xFF 0xFF 0xFF 0x1 0x4 0xE0 0x10 0x38 0xF7 0x0
    Feedback is appreciated :D
    Do NOT (NOT) bother the delevopers with questions/bugreports with this special build. :p
    I repeat.. NOT!. (Did I hear not?) Yup NOT! :D

    The creation of the column is unsuccessful :( i will upload a new one asap.(Done)

    :D:D:D Above link is updated and now it creates the new column as promised :D:D:D


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  • December 30, 2007
    Norway Norway
    Test2 works as a charm.

    Mr. jblomb, you are now my fan. I can finally decide the different DiSeqC settings for all of my 3 tvcards .

    Consider TVServer allow different disseqc settings; I hope the MP developer team will take a look at your fix.


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    February 9, 2005
    Germany Germany
    DiseqC Settings TwinHan and Terratec


    can anyone tell me the TVServer (MP 1.0.0) DiseqC settings for these cards (TwinHan visionDTV1020, Terratec Cinergy 1200 DVB-S).

    My hardware are two universal quad lnbs attached to a Spaun multiswitch. One looking to 19.2E (Astra) and one looking to 13E (Hotbird)

    In settings for the cards I enterd the satellites at LNB1 and LNB2. Having tried several settings (Simple A/B, Level1 AA and so on) with only little success.
    Twinhan found on setting Level1AA (LNB1) and level1AB (LNB2) few channels on LNB2, Terratec found none (no signal message).
    Editing these channels DiseqC shows Level 1AA for LNB1 channels and Level 1BA for LNB2 channels. But this was not set at this time.

    Confusion is perfect... help needed...

    With a Pinnacle PCTVSat card in another PC and ProgDVB DiseqC is working well.

    Regards eku60

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