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March 16, 2009
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I'd like to use mt DISH network remote(5.3 IR model# on back of the remote) to control MP. does anyone know of a usb IR receiver that would work with it? don't need a remote as my wife has finally figured out the DISH one and, well, lets just say she is remote challenged, she'd only really use the VCR like functions ... Ive got the TVSeries plugin working nicely and she likes the look of it so... any suggestions? I did buy a cheap PC remote off ebay(like 11$) thinking that I could use the receiver but no go ... its actually not a bad remote, but she is a one remote person and the ir receiver doesn't seem to get signals from any other remote(I've looked at HIP and Girder) and no, she would not like a harmony remote... I suppose I could buy a remote/receiver combo, just seems wasteful if I dont want the remote itself. Ideas? Suggestions? running XP Pro ....

added: note that I don't wish to control the DISH receiever at all ... just use one of the other select buttons(dvd,vcr,aux) on the DISH remote to contriol MP .... I did find a rs232 ir reciever here MythTV LIRC RS232 IR Blaster anyone have any idea if it would work?


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August 22, 2008
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Did you find anything about the MythTV LIRC RS232 IR Blaster?
I was looking at this today, wonder if it'll work with MP.

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