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  • June 17, 2008
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    I've conected my amplifier via coaxial to TV SPDIF out and the TV via hdmi (of ATI graphics) to the PC. I use ffdshow with passthrough options. It works if I use the SPDIF out of the PC to amplifier, but with TV I have the feeling there is some delay, so I would prefer to use hdmi.

    Actualy I'm not able to get DolbyDigital sound to the amplifier, but it did work for a while. I tried several diffrent configuarations and installed diffrent drivers (Ati/realtek), but don't get any DD via hdmi.

    At the moment I have to following options/settings:

    - driver: Realtek HD Audio 2.38 Driver (AMD HDMI Output)
    - 16 Bit, 48 kHz
    - MediaPortal:
    Audio Renderer --> AMD HDMI Output
    AC3 decoder --> ffdshow (with pass-through for DD enebled)

    For testing I use a recording where I'm sure of it has a DD stream (works with SPDIF!).

    Has anybody an idea how I broke the DD via hdmi or how to repair/enable it?

    Thanks allot!

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