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    Below you can always find the most recent binary version for download.

    Update: 05.03.2008
    - initial public release

    Update: 06.03.2008
    - forgot to include the log4net.dll

    19.06.2008 (New Version V1.3)
    - Added support for radio channel groups
    - Added a db setup dialog (similar to TvSetup's one)
    - Added a connection check dialog which checks all needed ports before connecting
    - Updated TvService dll's

    20.06.2008 (New Version V1.3.1)
    - Changed built target from "AnyCPU" to "x86" to prevent problems on 64 bit systems
    - Readded all TvServer dll's as compiled for "x86" to prevent problems on 64 bit systems
    - the postfix "\SQLEXPRESS" for MSSQL connections is now automatically added
    - the schema name/db name is now set to "MpTvDbRC1" as default which is the correct setting for RC1 and further snapshots

    27.11.2008 (New Version V1.3.2)
    - Fixed timeshifting not working anymore because of latest changes in TvServer
    - The DoConnectCheck param was always true because of a typo
    All thanks go to jblomb has he posted the patches :)

    13.09.2009 (New Version V1.3.3)
    - Updated dlls to recent SVN revisions of TvServer
    - Added a checkbox to to not load the "All channels" groups

    11.08.2012 (Version V1.3.4)
    - Compatibility fix for MP 1.3


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