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February 1, 2009
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Is it possible to have dual output of the audio coming from Media Portal?

I have two TV's a 46" LCD and to 32" CRT (HD)
The 46" is used in a media room downstairs and the CRT is the "main" family display upstairs.
My Media Portal PC has an ATI HD4650 Video card with dual output HDMI and DVI, it also has SPDIF and all the regular audio out plus it has the audio out via HDMI of the video card.

I want to be able to see and hear the same Media Portal output on both TV's

The LCD is hooked up via the HD4650's DVI connector and the audio is just patched from the headphone jack to a receiver via a 3.5 jack to rca splitter (yea, not optimal I know).

The CRT is hooked up with a long HDMI cable via the HDMI output of my HD 4650 Video card.
It works flawlessly. Video and sound.

I only see one option in the media portal config for sound output and I have to set it one or the other to get sound on either TV. I can't manually switch them that would be a royale PITA, so is there a better way?

MediaPortal Version: MP 1.0
Windows Version: Vista Ultimate x64
CPU Type: AMD Quad 3.0
HDD: 1.5 Tera
Memory: 8 Gigs
Motherboard: Gigabyte
Video Card: HD4650
Video Card Driver:
Sound Card:
Sound Card AC3:
Sound Card Driver:
TV - HTPC Connection: To 46" LCD and to 32" CRT (HD)

I think I just figured it out, my motherboard has a toslink out.
I think I can buy a cheap toslink splitter and a long toslink cable and just output the one stream to multiple TV's

Under 20.00 for the whole thing.


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  • May 7, 2008
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    I have also wanted to do this for a while. I needed two outputs of audio (HDMI for one room) and stereo plugs for another room. I searched Google and these forums for a long time and finally found a solution else where. Here it is for anyone that needs it:

    1 - Enter your sound device control panel
    2 - Ensure both of your output devices are displayed in the Playback tab
    3 - Make your normal output device (i.e. speakers) your default playback device
    4 - Click the Recording tab
    5 - Right click in the list and click "Show Disabled Devices"
    6 - If a "Stereo Mix" option (or something similar like "What U Hear") now shows in the recording device list, then you have this capability
    7 - Right click "Stereo Mix" and choose "Enable"
    8 - Right click "Stereo Mix" and choose "Properties"
    9 - Click on the Listen tab in the next Popup window
    10 - Check "Listen to this device"
    11 - Set "Playback through this device:" to your second output
    12 - Click OK
    13 - Enjoy

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