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October 12, 2005
tried to post to test team area, but permission denied!

Area: Media Portal (tv)
MP Version: 2.0 rc1
Skin: default
Windows Version: xp sp2
CPU Type: amd 3000+
Memory: 1gb ddr
Motherboard Chipset: sapphire crossfire
Video Card: sapphire x800 gto2
Video Card Driver: catalyst 5.11
Video Card Resolution: 1280 X 1024
Video Render Type: VMR9
Video Codec Type & Version: dscaler
Audio Codec Type & Version: mpeg/ac3
TV Card: 2 X twinhan visionplus dvb-t
TV Card Type: bda
TV Card Driver:

i know there is a bug on mantis, but thought i would provide some feedback as i saw that frodo fixed some multiple tuner issues a while back
so just an update on my (bad) luck so far.

everything starting to look much more stable in cvs version.
single twinhan + t300 works ok
dua twinhan now doesnt tune properly - following errors in logs:
28/11/2005 22:43:50 DVBGraphBDA: FAILED unable to start graph :0x800700AA

28/11/2005 19:34:54 DVBGraphBDA:FAILED tuning to frequency:522000 KHz ONID:-1 TSID:-1, SID:-1. cannot get locator
28/11/2005 19:34:55 dvbt-scan:tuned
28/11/2005 19:34:55 dvbt-scan:tune:521833 bandwidth:8 offset:-167
28/11/2005 19:34:55 DVBGraphBDA:FAILED tuning to frequency:521833 KHz ONID:-1 TSID:-1, SID:-1. cannot get locator
28/11/2005 19:34:56 dvbt-scan:tuned
28/11/2005 19:34:56 dvbt-scan:tune:522167 bandwidth:8 offset:167
28/11/2005 19:34:56 DVBGraphBDA:FAILED tuning to frequency:522167 KHz ONID:-1 TSID:-1, SID:-1. cannot get locator
28/11/2005 19:34:57 dvbt-scan:tuned
28/11/2005 19:34:57 dvbt-scan:tune:530000 bandwidth:8 offset:0
28/11/2005 19:34:57 DVBGraphBDA:FAILED tuning to frequency:530000 KHz ONID:-1 TSID:-1, SID:-1. cannot get locator


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