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Hi all.

Apologies if this has already been suggested but what about a 'My Camcorder' plugin. We, (the family,) have a DV camcorder that connects via firewire and it would be great, after a day out, to be able to watch the footage via MP.

I understand from other forum posts that it is possible to set the camera up as a tv card for viewing in 'My TV' but it would be nice to have the transport controls as well. (A sort of 'My TV' meets 'My Video')

I was thinking of this as purely playback, not record/editing as there are already specialist products out there.

Many thanks for a great piece of software.




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    when the firewire cable is plugged in can u set it up as a TV card?

    is it controllable with the osd? ff, rw, play, stop?

    please let us know


    With the DV connected and switched on, I was able to set it up as a 'Microsoft DV Camera and VCR' in MP (even though it's a Sony.)

    On the EditCardCaptureForm I set the device type as 'Video Capture Device'. I pressed the 'Setup' button and was presented with a Properties form that contained transport controls. Tried a few buttons, Play, Rewind etc and the camera responded as expected.

    Unfortunately have not been able to get a picture in 'My TV'. In fact I've not even been able to get to My TV.

    After selecting 'My TV' in MP (v0. the title bar says MP - My TV but the screen stays on the home page. If I press ESC the title bar changes back to MP - Home but I have to restart MP. (Because MP appeared to lock up when I select 'My TV' I am running it in Window mode)

    Not sure if it's a codec thing or not. Am working my way through the list.



    I was able to picture (but I have problems with sound- see below) with my DV camcorder (Cannon) like this:

    With camera turned on and plugged in.

    Add capture card :
    Video Device Microsoft DV camera and VCR (General S/W encodeing card)
    Audio: SB Live!
    -- I really dont want a audio device but it forces me to selcect one --
    Line input : Selected anything
    -- again I dont want one. The audio is in the DV stream. --
    Device property : made no changes
    Video Compressor: DV Video Encoder
    Audio Compressor: Tried Several
    -- I tried several compressors. PCM, MP3 and some MS ones. Im pretty sure we dont want an audio compressor but the MP setup forces to chose one.
    Purpose : use for watching (not recording)

    On the "MY TV" screen in MP I found that i needed to set the channel to "composite #2". Then turn "TV On". and press play on your camcorder.

    When I did all this I was able to get picture and sound. However, I have an issue with audio echo. I'm nto sure where its comming from or why its doing it but sounds just like yelling into a caynon. It echo's and gets softer each time. Very strange. The picture ont he screen is a little strange. A little pixleation when the action is fast. I"m not sure if its a Camera or MP issue.


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    Does this still work in I also have a Canon but all I get when I want to add a capture card is no card found.


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    April 8, 2006
    I tried it with version and it doesn't work either. (JVC Camcorder, error message : "no video capture card found...")

    Does any developper have an idea ? If this really doesn't work anymore, what has been modified in my TV that could explain this ?

    Developpers do a really great job and I'm surprised that none of them worked on a simple dv camcorder player in MP. Does any developper have an info on that subject ?

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