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April 28, 2009
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I'm fairly new to Media Portal so please bear with me.

I've recently done a fresh install of 1.0.1 and after doing the patch for tuner cards not showing, I'm up and going with Freeview (DVB-T) however I'm a bit stuck with DVB-S.

In the previous (1.0.0) version of MP I'm sure that there was a tuning selection for 28.2E Freesat which was perfect for me just wanting the UK Freesat channels (no cam or anything) however that doesn't seem to be present in 1.0.1.

MP is currently working it's way through trying to tune using the 28.2E Eurobird 1 Astra 2A,2B,2D option but looks like it will take hours due to the number of transponders and although signal level and signal quality are both either close to or at max, all transponders so far are coming back with Nothing Found messages.

Can anyone tell me what happened to the option of tuning just 28.2E Freesat for DVB-S?



Having located a 28.2E Freesat .ini file from an installation of 1.0.0 I'm getting the same issue so this appears to be a wider problem I'm having.

Mods - Please delete this thread as I'll be raising this in the support sub-forum.

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