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  • January 14, 2007
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    Hi !
    I alwasy thought that with 2 DVB-S receivers installed I can watch "all" channels at the same time and at the same time do some recording.
    I have a stand alone MediaServer with 2 FireDTV boxes - one box with Premiere Alphacrypt card.
    There a 5 clients (all with MP 1 final release).

    Today 1 client was tuning to 1 channel and the server was recording on another channel.
    When I tried to tune to a third channel I got the message that no free TV card was available.

    So my general question:
    How many TV cards do you need to watch 5 different channels on 5 different clients?

    I always thought that I just needed 2 boxes to achieve this goal because of H/V issues with DVB-S.

    Thanx for your answers


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