DVB-S Problems changing channel (1 Viewer)


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March 19, 2006
Windows Version: WindowsXP SP2
CPU Type: AMD X2 3800+
Memory: PQI 2x512MB
Motherboard: MSI K8N Neo2
Motherboard Chipset: Nforce3 Ultra
Motherboard Bios: latest
Video Card: Geforce 6600GT
Video Card Driver: 81.78
Sound Card: nforce
Sound Card AC3: nforce/spdif
Sound Card Driver: nforce 5.11
1. TV Card: FloppyDTV
1. TV Card Type: DVB-S
1. TV Card Driver: BDA 2.3 lite
2. TV Card: Hauppauge
2. TV Card Type: PVR350
2. TV Card Driver: ??? not relevant
Video Codec: Intervideo (windvd7)
Audio Codec: MPEG/AC3/DTS/LPCM Audio
Satelite/CableTV Provider: CanalDigital (Thor sattelites)
HTPC Case: N/A
Power Supply: 550W Hiper
Remote: MCE
TV: 37" LCD 1368x768
TV - HTPC Connection: VGA

Changing to a channel on the same DVB transponder as the current channel does not work.

Changing to a channel on another transponder seems to work (not 100% stable, but works most of the times)

Changing channels from DVB -> Analog -> DVB, to another channel on the same transponder also seems to work fine.

So the issue seems to be isolated to changing from DVB channel to another DVB channel on the same transponder.

Timeshifting on or off has no effect on the issue.


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March 19, 2006
infinityloop said:
are you using the mpeg2data.ax and PsisDecd.dll from WinMCE 2005?
Not that I know of, unless it's installed from some patch or with mediaportal cvs, how do I check ?

thkogel said:
KB896626 is the Microsoft Patch for the PsisDecd.dll
Windows didn't install this patch when using the update tool.

download the patch, install and test it again.
I already have this patch installed.


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June 21, 2005
Denmark Denmark
I don't know if my problem is related to the problem descriped here.

When i change TV channel, 9 out of 10 times i get a black screen, but with the sound of the channel, after 2-3 seconds i get a blue box saying "No signal", after 3-4 seconds i get the picture and all seams fine again.

Im using a FireDTV (DVB-S).


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March 19, 2006
I seem to have isolated the problem.

In tv-card configuration the FloppyDTV was set to priority 10 (highest) Setting it to 1 seemes to resolve the issue I had.

BUT, I can now confirm the issue JAckJ is having. The same thing happens here.

There also seems to be an issue changing to channels with different sound stream, ie AC3 sound. The odd thing though, if channel change doesn't work I can go to the main menu, press stop on the remote, and go back to my tv, and the channel pops up with no delay!


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March 19, 2006
I've done some more testing.

Replacing the windvd with purevideo decoder, and I no longer get the "no signal detected" problem when changing channel. It brings another issue to the table though, video/audio is skipping after a channel change, a simple skip back or forward fixes this thoug.

And the the AC3 issue I mentioned also seems to be related to codec.

Unfortunatly using the nvidia/spdif audio result in massive noise/static/chipmunk like sound.

I may have concluded a little too fast, but some of the problems seems codec related, maybe both audio and video, I'm trying out different mixes now.


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  • December 26, 2004
    Austria Austria
    KRA said:
    Not that I know of, unless it's installed from some patch or with mediaportal cvs, how do I check ?
    if you havent installed it manually you dont have this files. they are not available for download. if you do not own MCE you cant get this files "officially".

    could you please to 2 tests.

    use: mpeg2dec and mpedg/ac3/dts for the tests

    1. only with floppydtv installed in your system
    2. only with Hauppauge PVR 350

    if the system is running well with only one card installed we have the ax, dll issue.


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    March 19, 2006
    The PVR350 is working no problem wheter floppydtv is installed or not.

    The floppydtv does not work any better without the PVR350

    I use the default codecs and I'm pretty much back where I started now, not able to change channels on the same transponders. Chaning to a channel on differnt transponder seems to work (except if it's AC3 sound involved, then there might be problems)


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    March 19, 2006
    I put out a log file:

    I did the following, exit MP, delete all log files.
    1. start mediaportal
    2. enter my TV
    3. the channel NRK 2 turns on (although there is a reference to the channel Canal Motor in the log, I was newer watching this)
    4. change channel to TV2 Norge, on the same transponder. So this doesn't work.
    5. try to view channel fullscreen, but it's only a black screen
    6. go back to main menu (tv is automaticly stopped, like when TS is off)
    7 exit MP
    8, post log file and this message

    I'm not sure, but isn't there missing a lot of PMT stuff after changing channel ? When first viewing channel NRK2 there is a lot of PMT stuff, but after changing to TV2 Norge there is nothing about PMT !!?

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