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April 22, 2004
If anyone interested you can find here the code of a software called FaireUse.

"The FairUse Wizard is a tool for converting your DVD-Video material into the
DivX AVI form."

A lot of people find it great. I think Fair Use is on a par with Auto Gordian Knot... maybe AutoGK is a little better :)
The forum of the french community of Fair use is here.

The soft is under GPL so it could be really helpful for creating a plugin for ripping DVD into Avi.
The soft rips and then converts (avi, ogm, mkv) the DVD, it's an all-in-one application.

Since the main developper is selling the soft I don't think he'll be interested in a Mediaportal integration.
So if anyone capable or interested... that's about all the help I can give :)

Features :

"All-In-One solution - Converts straight from DVD, the only other software
you need is a working ASPI layer (but see yet to be implemented features

Fully integrated MM4 support - Video is encoded at up to 30 different
bitrates/codec types simultaneously, for later "cross cutting" into the
final output file.

Best quality for a fixed size - You specify the size (disk space) of the
output file, and the best quality file that will fit that space is produced.

Maximally flat quality level - The new (in version 0.30 beta) encoding mode:
"diff tracking" adjusts the DivX quantisation levels on a frame by frame
basis to make the quality level as even as possible.

Variable keyframe interval - You can configure the minimum and maximum
keyframe intervals. This avoids the "sharpening effect" by not inserting
keyframes on static scenes.

Codec errors fixed - The DivX codec will no longer produce freeze frames/
grey blocks/mirrored blocks, etc.

SMP support - During the encoding phase, multiple processors will be used.
(The actual utilisation depends on the number of encodings being created.)

Field combination modes - Fields can be realigned (PAL), IVTCed (NTSC) or
simply decoded natively as directed by the DVD.

Support - FairUse supports seamless branching and multiangle titles.

Audio demuxing - AC3 audio tracks can be demuxed and are synchronised to
the video range selected."

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