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  • July 28, 2004
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    Here is a quick guide to strip off the ASF wrapper MS use for their DVR-MS file format. This is used in MediaPortal for recording with MPEG-2 capture cards like the Hauppauge PVR-250 / 350 models.

    What you need to have...
    1. Graphedit
    2. Cyberlink DirectShow filters MPGMUX.AX & CLDUMP.AX (You'll have to find these :wink: )

    What you need to do...
    1. If not done already register the two filters listed above from the directory where they have been installed.
    regsvr32.exe MPGMUX.AX
    regsvr32.exe CLDUMP.AX
    2. Start Graphedit and the click 'File' then 'Render Media File'
    3. Choose the *.DVR-MS file you wish to make into a *.MPG equivalent.
    This will automatically build a Graph ultimately providing an output to the Video Renderer and Default DirectSound Device.
    4. Remove all filters except the *.DVR-MS output box.
    5. Click on 'Graph' then 'Insert Filters' within Graph Edit.
    6. Go to the 'Direct Show Filters' section and add 'Cyberlink MPEG Muxer' (MPGMUX.AX) to the Graph.
    7. Now add the 'Cyberlink Dump Filter' (CLDUMP.AX) to the Graph and it will prompt for a filename give it a name with a .MPG extension. i.e. Test.mpg.
    8. Leave the Filter addition window and connect the DVR Out-1 connector to Audio In on the 'Cyberlink MPEG Muxer' on the Graph.
    9. Also connect the DVR Out-2 connector to Video In on the 'Cyberlink MPEG Muxer'
    10. Next connect the Output pin from the 'Cyberlink MPEG Muxer' to the 'Cyberlink Dump Filter'
    11. You are now ready to get your MPG equivalent file click on 'Graph' and then 'Play' (or click the green play button)
    12. You'll notice a green progress indicator moving from left to right. Once complete you will have successfully dumped your MPG file in the same quality it was recorded without re-encoding!!!

    Note: The MPG file should be slightly smaller the the original. Don't worry if they are not exactly the same size as we have stripped off the ASF guff.

    You can do what you want with the MPEG file. i.e. Convert to AVI, Deinterlace it, Crop It, Resize it, Burn it to DVD/SVCD...etc etc

    I will look into other methods of doing this and other codecs as well and post them here.

    *** Edit ***

    The Intervideo muxer works as well - the bonus is that it handles DVR-MS files with AC3 streams


    Have Fun!



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  • April 22, 2004
    that´s great news!

    any chance to automate/script any of steps 1-12 ?
    any chance to get this in mp code. given graphedit and the .ax files are on the htpc?


    And: How long does the conversion/stripping take for a movie?


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  • July 28, 2004
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    I'm not great with scripting etc but all the info is there for someone who has the knowledge. 8)
    Up to Master Frodo I guess and whether we can (ahem) borrow the filters... :twisted:

    The conversion / stripping is pretty quick give it a try.
    The only thing you have to be conscious of is disk space i.e. I had a 3GB source file so I needed at least 3GB free.
    But once done you can obviously delete the original.



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    August 26, 2004
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    "Cyberlink Power Director v 3.0 is now providing import “Recorded TV” for *.dvr-ms file format and automatically convert them to *.mpg format for editing..."

    For those who want to spend some money :wink:

    And BTW, I still haven't found the Cyberlink DirectShow filters MPGMUX.AX & CLDUMP.AX, they seem to be able to hide themselves quite well :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:


    Hi @all!

    I have great problems handling these damn dvr-ms-files. At first:

    My MP runs under W2K. I've installed the sbe.dll from an WinXP-PC and the MP runs very well: I can record from TV and also play the dvr-ms-files under MP (but not under MediaPlayer directly).

    Because I want to cut things out of my recordings I want to convert the dvr-ms-files to mpg. Unfortunately, I have a lot of problems!

    As described above one should connect both pins from the dvr-ms-file to the demuxer-filter. But I get an error-message when I try to connect the audio-pin:

    These filters cannot agree on a connection. Verify type compatibility of input pin and output pin.
    Es wurden keine Zwischenfilter für die Herstellung der Verbindung gefunden. (Return Code: 0x80040217).

    (Last sentence is german. It means: "There is no filter to establish the connection").

    So I recognized that normally both pins are called "DVR 1" and "DVR 2". That is what DMAN decribes. Another user from a german htpc-forum, to whom I had contact about that problem, has the same pin-names. But my pins are called "Raw Audio 0" and "Raw Video 1"! Seems that this is my problem?!?


    I also tried several other things: demux directly with graphedit into 2 different files (mpv/mpa). That works ok, but every software crashes immediatley when reading the mpa-file. The mpv-file is fine!

    And also DVR-Ripper gives an error when converting the file:

    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Extracting from d:\\
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Extracting session started for d:\\
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Audio stream will be extracted as d:\\ZDF_manuell_200411221232p3228.m2a
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Video stream will be extracted as d:\\ZDF_manuell_200411221232p3228.m2v
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 About to create Graph manager object...
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Graph Manager object sucessfuly created
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 adding filter to graph...
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Filters added
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 About to set Video Output file name using Sink Wrapper
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Video Output file name successfuly set
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 About to set Audio Output file name using Sink Wrapper
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Successfuly Output file name successfuly set
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 getting pins...
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Pins OK
    22.11.2004 14:18:51 Connecting pins...
    22.11.2004 14:18:52 ERROR: Objektvariable oder With-Blockvariable nicht festgelegt at line 1010
    22.11.2004 14:18:52 graph stopped

    All I have decribed here is tested under W2K (MP-PC), another W2K-PC (my Workstation) and a WinXP-Prof.-Laptop. Every PC shows the same problems!

    Any hints somebody?


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  • July 28, 2004
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    I think we need to know what capture card you are using to record TV with. That may be the problem.

    Please provide more information - Card, Driver, MP version, WMP version etc.
    It could be just a case of having to move to Windows XP but we'll try and avoid it if we can.



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    June 17, 2004

    I have - more or less - the same problem you have. I have dvr1 and dvr2 as output pins, but the same issues happen to me. DVR-Ripper gives the same error log, programs cannot work with the sound file. I did manage to use the sound file in cuttermaran and mpeg2schnitt to cut out commercial, and resulting files worked fine in dvdauthorgui (with mplex), but the resulting video was way out of sync (which the dvr-ms was not....). Maybe it's the different sources we get the cyberling dump filters from...

    I only use the dump filters, by the way, to extract audio and video from the dvr-ms file, I don't use the multiplexer.

    I use a Pinnacle PCTV Deluxe (USB2 hardware encoder) to record.

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