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April 24, 2007
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Hi guys, I hear all around me here that there is a bug that makes it that a running recording cannot be stopped unless you delete the entire schedule. This is not true! A running recording, and only that recording, not the entire schedule, can be stopped for sure as follows:

1. Go to 'Record' of the tvshow,
2. hit 'ok'(remote) on the show that needs to stop (top of scheduleslist),
3. choose 'yes' when asked to delete just the recording,

Notice the recording is still running: the red dot is still present.

4. hit the button that says 'don't record' that is still showing :)S) in the left menu,
5. choose 'yes' when warned that the recording is running and that it will stop if you choose yes, and the recording stops while the schedule is still there!!! :) :) :)

So the story that it is hard to change this because of the tv server doesn't hold water... Just program it so that step 4. and 5. are taken automatically. That's it, right? :) In my view it's dead simple this way to overcome this quite big complaint...

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