Elecard, Windvd, VMR9, overlay could somone please explain (1 Viewer)


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May 17, 2006
There is a lot of talking taking place regarding different codecs.

Some people say elecard is best some other say windvd is etc.
What is really best is alittle bit subjective... :wink:

My questions are the following..
What are the relative merits of all these codecs, I mean which
one should be used under what circumstances ?

How are these related to the external player that's going to be used ?

Could someone explain the difference between VMR and overlay and
how is it related (if it is) to the codec/player choice?

Please bear with me, I am pretty new to the whole bussiness and
this huge amount of information is confusing me :cry: . I need to get
things straight in my head. 8)

Thanks in advance,

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