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Is a "emulator HOWTO" a good idea?

  • no, just a waste of time

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August 16, 2004
Fribourg (CH)

I'd like to GIVE BACK something to the great MP community and thought of doing a "How to integrate emulators in MediaPortal"!

General thoughts:
  • Emulators described in the HowTo should be playable without keyboard (=> console and arcade emulators suit best of course)
    Emulators should run without crashing all the time (no alpha versions).
    Configuring the emulator itself is out of scope of the HowTo :) (except settings that are necessary to integrate well into MP).
    And to keep things legal: NO ROM REQUESTS and I won't post ROM-links!

For each emulator, I'd include the following:
  • * name of the emulator
    * emulated system
    * where to get the emulator
    * how to start it up seamlessly with MyPrograms (no popups, fullscreen)
    * how to use the emulator without a keyboard (only remote control & gamepad/joystick)
    * how to exit the emulator and go back to MediaPortal (without having to use the keyboard)
    * remarks
What do you think? Comments?

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