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  • November 7, 2006
    The problem: suppose you have video files playlist, and your files contain chapters (like mkv files). It seems logical that when you press “Skip” button on remote, you will move to next chapter first and then (if no more chapters) to next file. So this patch does exactly that: ACTION_NEXT_ITEM (by default assigned to Skip button) will move for next chapter and then to next file.
    Currently in Mediaportal, you have to use two buttons to perform the same: ACTION_NEXT_ITEM takes you to next file, while ACTION_NEXT_CHAPTER takes you to next chapter. So you need to check first if there is another chapter, and if not move to next file. Besides it requires additional button on remote to be mapped for ACTION_NEXT_CHAPTER.
    The patch is attached for SVN revision 21304.


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