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  • December 26, 2004
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    Grabing the EPG data from DVB is quit painful. every second day i have to select all the channels by hand and start the grab.

    it would be very handy to select the channels by the group.

    i.e. i have a group challed MyTV
    i have added all the channels i watch normaly.

    so if we would have the group list in the config-EPG Grab we wouldnt have to select all channels by hand everytime.


    another nice feature would be an epg grab Plugin in the Mediportal.
    in the config.exe you could setup the plugin with the channels you want to grab. so you only have to start the EPG grabber in Mediportal to get the EPG Data for the specified Channels, instead of quiting MP (when using autostart) and go into the config.exe

    i think many users will love this features

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