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Hi, I am completely new to this. Hope someone can help me out?

MediaPortal installed, working with superb picture quality. Windows XP, SP3, Hauppage Win-TV Nova-T USB tuner / Freeview. Crystal Palace transmitter. Problem is that I can't get the system to provide any EPG data. I have tried the few things recommended in the FAQs and other forum posts but feel out of my depth here. Would appreciate a few words of wisdom from the well informed! With thanks.


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April 30, 2008
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Have you set a channel for it to grab the EPG from? also have you set to grap while timeshifting or while Idle? if you only have one tuner and it's set to grab while idle it wont be able to grab anything if your watching TV.

Go through the TV server setup carefully and you will see the options on EPG setp, there on different screens for which channel to use for grabbing and when to grab.

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