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March 6, 2007
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I have a problem with blasting from my MCE Remote blaster. I'm sure it's not IR server that's the problem though. Occasionally (more often than not now), blasting stops working. When I go to IR Server configuration, I can't test the blaster as it appears no blaster is connected. (On trying to choose 1 or 2, only none shows in the drop down.) This sometimes just fixes itself, but I don't know what the trigger is. Is there a service or something I can check?


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February 13, 2007
I guess this is somehow similar to my problem with blasting.. for me is even worse... I have the blasting function working with my TV but it simply does not work with my STB... As a suggestion, I always used the MCE plugin, and in older versions, the blast function worked perfectly (both with my TV and blaster) ... I'm doing that now.... and_81: is it possible that this problem has something to do with the replacement driver???

And, as a question: is it possible to make the old version compatible with MP 1.0 SVN? I mean, the

Best regards and thanks in advance...

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