Error viewing analog channel via CVBS/SVHS/RGB/YRYBY (1 Viewer)


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June 9, 2009
**Leadtek PxDVR3200 H Tuner card**

Little problem im sure! :)

I want to be able to use the htpc like a normal recorder & view/record an external input/ channel from my tuner card that is either CVBS or SVHS or RGB or YRYBY. Something like pay-tv or a video player for example.

What ive done so far: in Tv Server config>TV Channels>Channels tab, created a new channel called "Component". After selecting the new channel I select the 'Analog' tab, made the channel # = 2, Input type = Antenna, Country= Australia, Under 'Crossbar Parameters' I selected YRYBY#1 & Audio= Automatic.

When I am back in the Tv Channels>Channels tab & highlight "Component" then select preview, a box appears & says "Preview Failed:Unknown Error".

In the Tv Channels>Tv Mapping, in the drop down box I select the 'Analog' tuner & mapped "Component". By this time I created 2 more & mapped them, called SVIDEO & Composite.

Did I do it right or miss anything... or is it totally wrong?

Has anyone tried this before.. any ideas?

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