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June 13, 2005
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When two programs in the EPG overlay, one or more programs can disappear. Both in the EPG itself and in the search screen.

This is especially is a problem when two broadcasters share a channel, and both the channel-times and the seperate programs are in the schedule.

Daytime-channel 06.00-18.00
Program A 06.00-07.00
Program B 070.00-10.00
Program C 10.00-12.00

Evening-channel 18.00-06.00
Program X 18.00-19.00
Program Y 19.00-19.30
Program Z 19.30-20.30

This leads to an EPG with two levels. I think the second level (A,B,C, ... X,Y,Z) must overrule the first level (daytime, evening channel).

In the search screen, both levels must be available.

I think this was working fine in; it isn't in 0.2.0 CVS.....


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