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March 30, 2007
Possibly a feature request I'm not sure.

Currently I store all my recorded HD transport streams on sata drives, which are hot swapped using a small app called, strangely enough ;) HotSwap!:


I use this in Mediaportal via the commandline and the MyPrograms plugin. One click and it'll dismount the sata drive and I can swap it for another one which is automatically mounted by my motherboard drivers.

This all works perfectly going through MyVideos. However if I try to use Moving Pictures to scan in my ts streams or other files, iso's etc, I have stored on my sata drives, things get difficult ;)

If I fire up Mediaportal without a sata drive in the bay and then insert it, Moving Pictures will work mostly ok. I can dismount and insert other drives and play them. Moving Pictures will correctly read the drive label and ask for it etc. However sometimes after inserting a drive it won't acknowledge it's there (even though it's mounted and can be accessed in Windows, and mp via MyVideos).

If I fire up Mediaportal with a drive already in the bay it's impossible to dismount it with HotSwap! (Hotswap! tells me a process is accessing it) unless I close Mediaportal first. It does work fine without Moving Pictures enabled. I guess this is because Moving pictures is accessing it and treats it as a non-removable drive.

I'm very impressed with Moving Pictures btw and if it worked with esata I'd be over the moon as most of my media is stored on removable sata drives.

I've been compiling and testing svn versions btw although the standard releases all exhibit the same behaviour.

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