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    This thread is created to hopefully answer some of the questions you could have regarding the MediaStream skin by pilehave.

    Q: I see that there are two almost similar skins, StreamedMP and MediaStream? I'm confused? What should I choose?
    A: Both of them! And then take them for a test-drive. Although the look the same on the surface, they're different in both feel and look. They're both created for 1280 x 720 pixel resolution.

    Q: Will MediaStream work on a 4:3 or 16:10 display?
    A: Yes, but it won't look pretty. The position of text and images will be skewed and the home-menu will look really weird.

    Q: How can I change the background of the home-menu?
    A: The background is different for each of the menu-items in the menu-editor. You can use the pre-defined images listed in the menu-editor, or use your own by moving them to the "Media" folder in the "MediaStream" skin-folder. Then, when you edit a menu-item you have to enter the filename manually in the selectbox.

    Q: How can I get "Plugin XX" to show as the default one when I open MediaPortal?
    A: Use the menu-editor to move the wanted plugin/window to the first position in the list.

    Q: All I see when I use MediaStream as my skin is a black screen with labels like "#topitem3", #topitem2" and "#homeitem"
    A: Are you SURE you enabled the MediaStream process-plugin, AND configured the menu? By default there are no menu-items configured.

    Q: I want to use the RSS-plugin to show weather and stuff, but all I see is "#condition" and "#rssfeed"
    A: Remember to enable AND configure the MP-RSS Ticker plugin. This is also in a process-plugin like MediaStream.
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