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I'd like the ability to define an external shortcut within Media Portal so we can exectute external scripts or executables. This way I can use media portal as a true front end ala myHTPC.

Another related request would be to the ability to define Topbar functions. For example, I'd like to in the future define the exit top bar to perform a hybernate shutdown instead of a regular shutdown with the topbar.

The last request would be the support for DVICO Fusion III Gold HDTV tuner card. If you can incorporate this into Media Portal, it would be a godsend to people struggling to time-shift HDTV content without using a HDTivo.

I just want to say that Media Portal is the best frontend there is out there right now for my needs. I play a lot of downloaded video contents (fansubs and foreign TV programs) as well as Internet radio stations. Media Portal is the only front end I can configure to do all these, plus playing DVD using Zoom Player, in under an hour. I'm running it now on 2 HTPCs in my home, and I'm planning to recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for building this superb program.

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