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March 27, 2011
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Hello everybody i'm new to this whole tivo without the tivo thing so bear with me. I am interested setting one of these up.
Would a Hauppage HD PVR 1212 be adequate or recommended for recording hd (1080i) tv and then watching on my pc. Would i be able to schedule tv recording? My pc should be more than powerful enough to record etc. Also i've read about epg's and i'm a little confused as to where to get them or if they are included in media portal.


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October 8, 2008
No idea if the Hauppage HD PVR 1212 can be used with mediaportal but I'm sure someone can tell you. Whether it can or not whatever tuner you use with MP you will be able to schedule recordings. As for EPG it can be grabbed from the tuners signal which MP can do, or you can download one from the net and import it into MP using the xmltv plugin which is included.


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  • March 24, 2011
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    Can MP record new series episodes like media center or tivo? Main site page says MP can do "everything" tivo can and "more".. ?


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    I think you would need 4therecord installed to search the description of the episode for the word rerun/repeat and not record it if rerun/repeat was present in the description.

    See here: https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/mediaportal-plugins-47/record-1-5-a-60390/

    MediaPortal has the option not to record the same episode twice as long as the episode number or name is in the EPG and you leave the episode recording in the recording folder.

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